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Randon R20 Mini


Randon R20 Mini



Id tovaru / Kód:

222532 / RANDON-R20-MINI

Množstvo na sklade:15 pcs. stav zo dňa: 2024-06-25 20:00:26
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Správca výrobku:
Andrzej Pindelski, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: [email protected]
Randon R20 Mini

Randon R20 Mini

Acoustic guitars by the German Randon brand are one of the most interesting novelties on the market. Despite the recognition and good recognition in their home country, these instruments are still rare in our country and not much is known about them. The Randon brand was initiated by a team with over forty years of experience in the luthiery industry with the aim of creating a narrow but at the same time having its own character and appropriate quality offer for beginners and intermediate guitarists. Testing subsequent Randon models we can say that this idea has been fully realized - the guitars have a deep and open sound, they are made with care and their price is very surprising. The instruments are produced in Chinese factories with German quality control. The variety of models allows you to find the right instrument according to your needs, both in terms of sound and aesthetics.

The Randon R20 Mini is an ideal travel guitar or for younger acoustic guitar learners. Despite its small size the instrument sounds loud and even. The comfortable neck and good balance make it easy to switch from a traditional guitar. The guitar fits into a classic guitar case in size 3/4.

Technická špecifikácia:
Pre praváka / Pre levákaPre praváka
Vrchná doskaspruce
Spodná doska / Lubyrosewood
Tvar korpusuParlor
Počet stránok6
Povrchová úpravavysoký lesk
Hudobné štýlyreggae, blues, alternatíva, rock, indie, jazz

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