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Gafer fluo pink 24mm


Gafer fluo pink 24mm



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220003 / GAFER-GFRF24PK

Množstvo na sklade:3 circle stav zo dňa: 2021-04-13 17:40:31
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Maciej Małczak, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: ics@musicsquare.sk
Gafer fluo pink 24mm

Gaffer PG24

PG24 is a high temperature fine crepe paper masking tape with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Engineered to withstand exposure to oven temperatures up to 325 F (163°C) for 30 minutes (time and temperature determined by surface). Resists paint flaking, provides clean, well defined paint lines, and conforms to irregular surfaces. Capable of supporting kraft aprons at elevated temperatures. Recommended removal is hot to warm for clean, one-piece removal. Not recommended for outdoor use.


• Backing: Fine Crepe Paper
• Adhesive Type: Natural Rubber
• Total Thickness: 7.2 mils
• Adhesion to Steel: 27 oz/in
• Tensile Strength: 26 lb/in
• Elongation: 10%
• Length: 25m
• Width: 24mm
• Color: pink

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