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M Strings SDDS-1312


M Strings SDDS-1312


M Strings

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219549 / MSTRINGS-SDDS-1312

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Filip Koperski, tel. +42 0234261768,
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M Strings SDDS-1312

M Strings SDDS-1312

Electric violin is a product of modern times. It has several advantages comparing to acoustic violin. Firstly, while being suitable to play in noisy public places, it sounds fuller and more resonant; then the tone of electric violin is adjustable; what’s more, the color of its body and special design of its shape let the player have better stage effect.

Kinglos visual art electric violin is the only one brand which researches, develops and produces visual art electric violin in the world. With its colorful, personalized and fashionable visual color, also with its quality pickup and good set-up, it can display performer’s stage effect completely.


• Materials: Solid Spruce Body + ABS Frame, Ebony Fittings
• Pick-up system: DV-10B active pick-up, with volume tuner, 3-band EQ, sockets of line out, mic and phone, on-off
• Set-up: based on standard of advanced violin
• Outfit includes: case, bow, rosin, 4m cable, earphone, 9V battery, special shoulder rest

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