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Adam Hall S 33102 SKB


Adam Hall S 33102 SKB


Adam Hall

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216019 / AHALL-S33102SKB

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Adam Hall S 33102 SKB

Adam Hall Accessories S 33102 SKB

Germany’s only safety rope with an inspection certificate according to the Regulations of the German Employers Liability Insurance Association (BGV)

Safety rope with an integral brake for controlled dissipation of fall energy, approved as a safety rope for use in the entertainment industry (BGV C1).

When conventional wire ropes are used, high levels of linear momentum can result if secured equipment falls. SAVEKINGS wire ropes incorporate a loop with a brake clamp. In the event of a fall, the loop constricts, thus absorbing the high shock forces. A color marking on the brake clamp serves as an indicator that the rope is in good condition.


• Product type: Safety Cables
• Type: Saveking
• Rope diameter: 3 mm
• Length: 1000 mm
• Surface: Black
• Eyelets at both ends: 2
• With screw link: Yes
• Screw link version: Permanently attached screw link
• Max. load: 20 kg
• BGV C1-certified: Yes
• Weight: 0,074 kg
• Other features: with fall brake

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