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Yamaha DXR 12 MK2


Yamaha DXR 12 MK2



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215859 / Y-DXR-12-MK2

Množstvo na sklade:4 pcs. stav zo dňa: 2023-05-29 16:30:22
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Yamaha DXR 12 MK2

Yamaha DXR 12 MK2

The DXR12mkII is an extremely high-power loudspeaker that is capable of producing a maximum SPL of 134dB with its impressive 1100W of power. It is the perfect solution for live sound applications that demand wide bandwidth and extremely high-resolution sound.

Since its inception, the DXR Series has long signified a confluence of raw power and technological innovation that reliably harnesses and delivers impressively high output with superior quality and clarity. The DXR mkII Series powered loudspeakers are the newly upgraded models of the series that add even more SPL and feature a larger, yet much lighter 1.75” Neodymium HF compression driver for extremely clear voice reproduction and musicality. Once again Yamaha team worked in tight collaboration with touring loudspeaker specialists NEXO, adding crucial insight and expertise that led to design improvements based on the ever-evolving demands of sound reinforcement professionals.

Whether for fixed applications or mobile live performances - whatever direction you want to take your sound - the DXR mkII Series is up to the task, combining raw power with Yamaha own proprietary advanced DSP functions for all the reliability and outstanding clarity you’ve come to expect from the DXR Series… only MORE.


• Speaker: 12" 1.75" Neodymium driver
• 90° x 60° horn
• 2-Way bi-amped 1100 watt Class-D power amplifiers (950 W LF + 150 W HF)
• Frequency range: 52 - 20,000 Hz
• Maximum level: 134 dB
• XLR and jack inputs / outputs
• ABS plastic housing with 3x M8x15 rigging points
• 35 mm Stand flange mount
• Continuous speaker grille
• Dimensions: 362 x 601 x 350 mm
• Weight: 18.6 kg
• Colour: Black

Technická špecifikácia:
Veľkosť reproduktora12 "
Energie1100 W
Frekvenčná odpoveď od52 Hz
Frekvenčná odpoveď na20 kHz
Hladina akustického tlaku (max SPL)134 dB
Uhol difúzie90° x 60°
Závažia18.6 kilogram
rozmery362 x 601 x 350 mm

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