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MStar S1251


MStar S1251



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196820 / MSTAR-S1251

Množstvo na sklade:6 pcs. stav zo dňa: 2024-06-25 20:10:20
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Andrzej Pindelski, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: [email protected]
MStar S1251

MStar guitar strap

Among many manufacturers of accessories and instruments, the MStar brand is constantly expanding its offer. These products are characterized by a very affordable price and surprisingly good workmanship and durability. The MStar brand have included a wide selection of guitar straps in their offer. As is known for this type of products, the most important aspects are durability and design. In the ever-wider offer of the MStar brand products, everyone will find something for themselves - after all, guitar strap is not only an addition to your guitar but also a form of expression of your own style. We find here both classic, simple forms and unique designs that allow you to definitely stand out on the stage. In the case of quality and durability, MStar can guarantee that your instrument will be safe and your strap will last for many years.


• Material: leather
• Hitch material: leather
• Width: 5 cm
• Maximum length: 135 cm
• Min. Length: 93 cm

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