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Yamaha YDP 144 Black Arius


Yamaha YDP 144 Black Arius



Id tovaru / Kód:

196595 / Y-YDP-144B

Množstvo na sklade:1 pcs. stav zo dňa: 2021-07-25 17:50:25
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Yamaha YDP 144 Black Arius

Yamaha YDP 144 Black Arius

Immerse yourself in the sounds you create, whether purely for fun or as you strive for perfection. This ARIUS digital piano is a finely crafted instrument made possible by culmination of over a century of advanced Yamaha technologies and expertise. The ARIUS YDP-144 is an affordable digital piano, perfect for students or hobbyists looking for an attractive instrument for their home.

The powerful tone of the acclaimed CFX concert grand piano

Newly sampled for the YDP-144, the Yamaha's flagship 9' CFX concert grand piano, offers sparkling highs and a powerful resonant bass combined in a sound that projects to the furthest reaches of any concert hall. The CFX was played by the winner of the prestigious International Chopin Competition in 2010, and has since gained recognition as one of the greatest concert grands of modern times.

Authentic acoustic piano playability

With an 88-key piano action, the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, from the heavy feel in the lower register to a lighter touch in the upper octaves.

Designed for your personal enjoyment

The YDP-144 offers convenient functions for when you cannot always play the piano at high volume. Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) adjusts the sound automatically to allow players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level.
Stereophonic Optimizer lets players enjoy the natural, spacious sound experienced when sitting in front of an acoustic piano, even when wearing headphones. When using this function, voices sampled from acoustic pianos are perceived to come from the body of the instrument itself, not your headphones, providing a comfortable, natural experience.

Technická špecifikácia:
Druh nástrojaVstavaný digitálny piano
Typ klávesniceGraded Hammer Standard
Počet kľúčov88
Max. Polyphony192
Počet vstavaných zvukov10
Efektový procesoráno
Vstavané reproduktoryáno
Výstup pre slúchadlááno
USB konektoráno
Doplnkové funkcieŠtvorručný režim (Duo), Dual, transpozícia, Metronome, Split / Layer
závažia38 kilogram
rozmery135.7 x 81.5 x 42.2 cm
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