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Fender Thumb Large (3) trsátko


Fender Thumb Large (3) trsátko



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193051 / FEN-098-1002-503

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Andrzej Pindelski, tel. +42 0234261768,
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Fender Thumb Large (3) trsátko

Fender Thumb Large

Experience the classic feel of Fender no matter what guitar or bass you play. Fender picks provide comfort and high-perfFender Thumb Largeormance flexibility for every performer, with a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to suit the playing styles and preferences of every guitarist.

Available in two sizes, Fender thumb picks are perfect complements to metal fingerpick sets, from blues licks to bluegrass and more.


• Classic tortoise shell color
• Available in medium and large sizes
• 1.5 mm thickness / Large

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