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Adam Hall Accessories 0152 X 43


Adam Hall Accessories 0152 X 43


Adam Hall

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184645 / AHALL-0152X43

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Adam Hall Accessories 0152 X 43

Adam Hall Accessories 0152 X 43

Opaque, black stage molton in flame-retardant impregnated finish (B1 according toDIN 4102) and 300-gram quality as curtain, backdrop or for decorative purposes.

The fabrics are eyed on one side at 25 centimetre intervals and backed with additional webbing. This allows the fabric to be quickly and securely stretched or loosely draped. Stainless burnished eyelets with a hole diameter of 12 millimetres are used.

The outer edges are hemmed and the lower edge unhemmed. This means that the fabric can be quickly and easily made up to the required length.


• Product type: blackout cloth
• Type: Stage Molton
• Material: 100% cotton
• Color: Black
• Width: 3 m
• Height: 4 m
• Weight: 300 g/m²
• Grommet material: burnished, rustproof
• Grommet spacing: 250 mm
• Grommet diameter: 12 mm
• eyed side: Wide side
• Weight: 4,508 kg
• Other features: Flame resistant (B1)

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