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Digitech DOD Mini Expression Pedal


Digitech DOD Mini Expression Pedal



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email: ics@musicsquare.sk
Digitech DOD Mini Expression Pedal

Digitech DOD Mini Expression Pedal

The new passive DOD Mini Expression Pedal is just the right size for your pedal board, and your wallet. Rugged all-steel construction and gear drive means that there are no strings to break. Despite its compact form factor it is designed to have the same feel and throw as pedals that are twice its size (and price). The Mini Expression Pedal features a TRS (25kΩ)/TS (10kΩ)/RTS (25kΩ) selector, making it flexible to work with most gear with expression pedal inputs. The non-slip rubber pads, and a peerless industrial design by DB Instrument Amp insure a high quality expression pedal that will last the test of time.


• Gear Drive for reliable performance
• 3-position multi resistance for wide range of compatibility
• Linear 25kΩ/10kΩ potentiometer
• Ultra Compact size has same footprint as most pedals


• Dimensions: 5.00” (L) x 3” (W) x 2.40” (H) / 127mm (L) x 76mm (W) x 61mm (H)
• Weight: ~1.1 lbs. / 0.5 kgs.
• Output: (1) ¼” TRS/TS Instrument
• Chassis: All Metal

Technická špecifikácia:
Typ účinkuVýraz pedál
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Rozmery127 x 76 x 61 mm
závažia500 g

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