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BOSS Box Set 40th Anniversary


BOSS Box Set 40th Anniversary



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169369 / BOSS-BOX-40

Množstvo na sklade:1 pcs. stav zo dňa: 2019-10-21 06:30:25
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Andrzej Pindelski, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: ics@musicsquare.sk
BOSS Box Set 40th Anniversary

BOSS Box Set 40th Anniversary

This special limited-edition commemorative package features one-time-only reissues of the OD-1 Overdrive, PH-1 Phaser, and SP-1 Spectrum, the very first BOSS compact models from 1977. Just like the originals, the pedals are adjusted and wired by hand on a special production line in Japan. Only 1500 sets will be produced
worldwide, and each comes in a deluxe
presentation box with the BOSS 40th Anniversary
logo and a numbered message card.

• Reproduction of 3 BOSS Compact pedals
• Box contains: OD-1 Overdrive, PH-1 Phaser, SP-1 Spectrum
• Hand-wired and adjusted in Japan just like the original models
• Fully analogue pedals / carefully selected components
• Subtle improvements such as PSA compatibility / Led-status / Battery Snap
• Presentation box with numbered certificate
• Limited edition: worldwide only 1500 sets,
• Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply not included
• Dimensions of each pedal (W x D x H): 73 x 129 x 59 mm
• Weight of the individual pedals: 400 g

Technická špecifikácia:
Typ účinkuSpectrum, Phaser, Overdrive
True bypassnie
Energie9 Volt
Napájanie je súčasťou balenianie
Napájanie z batérieáno
Spotreba prúdu10 mA

Názor na výrobok BOSS Box Set 40th Anniversary


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