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Yamaha THR 100H gitarový zosilňovač


Yamaha THR 100H gitarový zosilňovač



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161527 / Y-THR100H

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Yamaha THR 100H gitarový zosilňovač

Yamaha THR 100H electric guitar amplifier

The little amp that DOES.
Get ready to experience a whole new level of tone creation with THR100H amp head. Featuring the incredible tone and flexibility of THR100H Dual in a compact, lightweight single-channel body, THR100H has got your back whether you're on-stage, rehearsing with the band or practicing at home. With a big sound from a tiny package, the power to dial in the details of your sound and the connectivity to plug you in wherever you're playing, THR100H bridges all the gaps.

• Power: 100W (solid state)
• Power-level switching: 100W, 50W, 25W
• Single channel
• Single input
• Impedance: 4, 8, 16 ohms
• Controls: 3-band EQ, gain, volume, presence, reverb, level, amp type, tube type
• Effects: boost, reverb (hall, plate, room, spring), noise gate
• FX loop
• Tube types: EL34, 6L6GC, KT88, EL84, 6V6
• Amp types: solid, clean, crunch, lead, modern
• USB port
• Headphone output
• Dimensions:W445 x D248 x H95 mm
• Weight: 3,6 kg.

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