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Samson Go Mic Direct USB prenosný univerzálny mikrofón


Samson Go Mic Direct USB prenosný univerzálny mikrofón



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Samson Go Mic Direct USB prenosný univerzálny mikrofón

Samson Go Mic Direct

Samson's Go Mic Direct is the ideal portable audio solution for Skype, FaceTime, voice recognition software, as well as recording audio for YouTube, lectures, podcasts and webinars. The Go Mic Direct also features the Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software (Mac OS X/Windows), allowing you to capture pristine, accurate vocal communications and recordings in any environment. With Go Mic Direct, you'll never want to use your computer's internal microphone again.
The Go Mic Direct's custom, ultra-compact design features a built-in USB connector that allows the mic to be plugged directly into your computer without blocking surrounding ports. In addition, the connector is retractable for maximum portability and safe transport when not in use. Compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows, Go Mic Direct offers convenient plug-and-play operation with no driver installation required. Its also works with iPads and iPhones (4S and later) using Apple's Lightning USB Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit (30-pin), making it a great tool for mobile podcasting, popular speech-to-text software and field recording.


• Portable USB condenser microphone
• Ideal for Skype, FaceTime and voice recognition software
• Great for mobile podcasting, audio for YouTube, recording music and more
• Mac OS X and Windows compatible, no driver installation required
• Ultra-compact design with retractable USB connector that won’t block surrounding ports
• Compatible with most computer-based digital audio software
• Dual 10mm microphone capsules
• 16-bit, 44.1kHz resolution
• Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz
• iPad and USB bus powered
• Protective carry case included
• Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software (Mac OS X/Windows) provides:
- Digital Noise Reduction minimizes background noise for clear communication in noisy environments
- Built-in digital audio recorder with simple file export functionality (Windows only)

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