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American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED


American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED
(ADJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED)


American DJ

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American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED

American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED

The American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED is an intelligent, multiLED scanner. The Sweeper Beam Quad LED can operate as a standalone fixture or in a Master/Slave configuration. It creates exciting lighting effects with its quick sweeping beams and 8-zone RGBW chasing, pulsing, and strobing LEDs. It features eight 8W bright, Quad LEDs with a narrow 3.4° beam angle, 4 DMX channel modes, and a 4-channel LED DMX menu.

The Sweeper Beam Quad LED has three operating modes: sound active mode, show mode, and DMX control. In each mode you can run the fixture as a standalone fixture or in a master/slave configuration. This fixture is suitable for theaters, studios, retail stores, and other similar locations.

The Sweeper Beam Quad LED contains an automatic voltage switch, which will auto sense the voltage when it is plugged into the power source. With this switch, there is no need to worry about the correct power voltage and the unit can be plugged in almost anywhere.

• Quick sweeping narrow beams combined with an 8-zone LED chase 8 x 8W RGBW LEDs
• 4-button DMX LED display
• Digital display for address and function setting
• DMX-512 protocol
• 4 DMX channel modes (1, 6, 35, & 39-channel modes)
• 3 Operational Modes: DMX Control, Show Mode, & Sound Active
• DMX Control Mode: This function will allow you to control each of the fixture's traits with a standard DMX-512 controller (sold separately) such as the Elation Show Designer
• Includes exciting sound activated built-in programs
• LED pulse & strobe effect
• Internal microphone
• 270° tilt via smooth stepper motors
• Long life LED (50,000-hour rated)
• Runs very cool with no duty cycle
• Includes mounting brackets to mount on a wall or set on the ground
• Safety hook on rear panel
• Very low power consumption; connect more units in a single circuit
• IEC AC IN/OUT on rear to daisy chain power (up to 4 Sweeper Beam Quad LED's @ 120V and 7 Sweeper Beam Quad LEDs @ 230V)
• Compatible with ADJ UC3 Series easy-to-use controllers (sold separately)
• Multi-voltage operation: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, IEC socket


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