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Line 6 XD-V35 bezdrôtový systém


Line 6 XD-V35 bezdrôtový systém


Line 6

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148848 / LINE6-XD-V35

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Marcin Zdziabek, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: ics@musicsquare.sk
Line 6 XD-V35 bezdrôtový systém

Line 6 XD-V35

The XD-V signal is incredibly clear and strong, so you’ll get rock-solid performance and the sound quality of a wired studio microphone. There’s no risk of unwanted noise or hiss interfering with your signal. Plus, an adjustable dynamic filter reduces handling noise while preserving your natural vocal articulation. In other words, the only thing the audience will hear, is you.


• One-step setup
• Accurate and precise vocal reproduction with full-range 10Hz - 20kHz (-2 dB) AF frequency response
• Wide 113dB dynamic range (A-weighted)
• Superior transient response
• 24-bit digital conversion
• Premium cardioid dynamic capsule
• Dynamic Filter to minimize environment noise
• Capsule interchangeable with compatible models
• 2.4GHz broadcast avoids audible interference caused by TV stations, public safety broadcasts, cell phone towers, and other high-powered sources
• License-free operation worldwide
• 6 always-available channels
• 275' / 83m range - 10' away or 200' away, you get full-quality audio (Note: actual range will depend on RF interference sources nearby including, line-of-sight obstacles)
• LCD display on mic transmitter for monitoring battery use and selecting channels
• Proven 4th-generation digital wireless technology surpasses analog wireless systems in wireless reliability and sound quality
• Rugged polycarbonate construction with protected internal antennas
• FCC compliant; immune to the FCC Consumer Alert regarding wireless microphones

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