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David Laboga PERFECTION inštrumentálny kábel


David Laboga PERFECTION inštrumentálny kábel


David Laboga

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141713 / DL-P60071

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David Laboga PERFECTION inštrumentálny kábel

David Laboga instrumental cable 6m

David Laboga PERFECTION cables are perfect for all electric instruments such as: electric guitars, bass guitars, elecro-acoustic guitars, electric pianos, keyboards and all instruments connected to all types of ampliphiers, effects, etc. PERFECTION instrumental cable 6m has a woven spiral wound screen which decreases the microphonics effect and there is a high efficiency of screening. Also, David Laboga instrumental cables are double protected by a special tube to give them the maximum lifespan. Even though PERFECTION cable is heavily protected, it is one of the most flexible cables on the market in it’s class. These combinations provide a cable that doesn’t get tangled up and doesn't break. The hot conductor and the signal path are made from oxygen-free copper. The quiet plug uses a spring loaded ground sleeve that remains in contact with the tip until the plug is inserted into a guitar jack. This protects the system while allowing the musician to switch guitars quietly without running to the amplifier. PERFECTION cables have the highest quality jacks from G&H.

• Professional instrumental cable
• Diameter: 7mm
• Directional cable
• Connectors: straight jack/ angled jack
• G&H jacks
• Length: 6m
• Colour: white

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