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Fzone FMT 600BK


Fzone FMT 600BK



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140727 / FZONE-FMT600-BK

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email: ics@musicsquare.sk
Fzone FMT 600BK

Fzone FMT-600BK

Fzone has been known worldwide as reputable tuners, metronomes, LED lights manufacture since 2006. Their factory is located at Shenzhen in China. Currently they are developing more products as pedal tuners, effect pedals, piano lamps and small portable amplifiers.

Tuner/Metronome from Fzone.

• Tuning Mode: Chromatic
• A4 range: 410-490Hz
• Display: LCD and LED
• Detection Method: Mic, Line-in
• Tempo range: 30-280bpm
• Beat: 0-9
• Tone Generator
• Reference tone range: 4C-4B
• Power: 3V batteries (2*AAA)

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