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MLight FL-09A 9LEDs LED svetlý


MLight FL-09A 9LEDs LED svetlý



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140177 / MLIGHT-9LED

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MLight FL-09A 9LEDs LED svetlý

MLight FL09A 9LEDs
MLight FL09A can be installed whenever you need a bit of light - in the studio or at the concert. Durable construction, 9 LEDs and regular light dispersion will make your sheet music light and sharp whenever you need it. Get the high quality for a low price.

• Strong flexible holder
• 9 bright, energy-saving LEDs
• Very bright light
• Each LED has a life of about 100.000 hours
• Two levels of brightness
• Regular light scattering
• Convenient clip
• Lamp width: 210mm
• Maximum height: 330mm
• 30 hours on one set of batteries
• 3 AA batteries (not included)
• Power supply and case included

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