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Epiphone AJ220 SCE VS elektricko-akustická gitara


Epiphone AJ220 SCE VS elektricko-akustická gitara



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133210 / EPI-AJ220-SCE-VS

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Epiphone AJ220 SCE VS elektricko-akustická gitara

Epiphone AJ-220SCE

The AJ-220SCE has long been one of Epiphone’s best selling acoustic guitars with the look, sound, and build quality that first time players and professionals expect to hear when they pick up an Epiphone. The Advanced Jumbo style was first produced at the legendary Kalamazoo factory in the 1930s has been a favorite of musicians from every field of popular music ever since. The Advanced Jumbo sound is commanding when required but it’s also well balanced which makes it perfect for stage and studio. Now with a killer cutaway and Shadow's new Performer Tuner™ preamp system, the AJ-220SCE takes yet another step above the competition.

With its bell-like shape featuring a larger lower bout and a smaller, round upper bout, the AJ-220SCE has a focused and balanced tone. The bass is deep, rich, and loud while the highs have a crispness and brilliance that cuts through. Most noticeable however, is the AJ-220SCE’s clear mid-range that’s never muddy like a square-shouldered dreadnought. The Advanced Jumbo acoustic guitar is often described as the perfect instrument for the soloist or singer/songwriter with a sound that blends well with vocals. And, its generous and elegant Venetian cutaway enables you to access the upper frets with ease.

Technická špecifikácia:
Pre praváka / Pre levákaPre praváka
Vrchná doskaspruce
Spodná doska / Lubymahogany
Tvar korpusuDreadnought
Počet stránok6
FarbaHoney Sunburst
Povrchová úpravavysoký lesk
Hudobné štýlyblues, alternatíva, rock, indie

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