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Presto VN1/8 husľové struny


Presto VN1/8 husľové struny



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132982 / PR-VN1/8-STRUNY

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Filip Koperski, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: [email protected]
Presto VN1/8 husľové struny

Presto VN1/8 violin strings 1/8

Strings made ​​of a steel core that is chosen from a specially extensibility and stability coefficient of harmonic vibrations along the entire length of the core. E string is made of steel coated with silver, while other strings have a multi-layer inner sheath of silk yarn, nylon, braid layer of non-ferrous and noble metals and an outer wrapper of specially profiled and polished strip of noble alloy (chromium, nickel, silver).

These are strings of medium hardness that provide supporting warm sound and precision.

• Tension: medium

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