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Hohner Bravo III 120 akordeón


Hohner Bravo III 120 akordeón



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Hohner Bravo III 120 akordeón

Hohner Bravo III 120 accordion (red)

With the Bravo Series, Hohner has set a new standard for both the beginner and student markets. These rugged and musically versatile instruments offer performance features which until now were exclusive to more expensive instruments. A good example is the use of the T-keyboard, enabling both outstanding playability and ease of service. Partnering with accordion teachers and students alike led the Bravo development team to build the instrument as light as possible. This masterfully crafted innovation shows with the Bravo II 48 weight of 11 lbs. Depending on size, this series is available in up to 4 colors with red bellows. Instead of a heavy case, a lightweight and tear resistant gig bag along with adjustable textile straps comes with each Bravo accordion.

• Treble: 41 keys, range F-A, 3 voices, 7 registers with 2 repeats
• Tuning: Continental Tremolo
• Bass:120 buttons, 4 voices, 3 registers
• Colour: Red Pearl
• Weight: 9kg
• Dimensions: 185 x 482 [mm]
• Case included

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