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Neutrik NA2MPMM adaptér


Neutrik NA2MPMM adaptér



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114858 / ZŁ-NA2MPMM

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Marcin Zdziabek, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: ics@musicsquare.sk
Neutrik NA2MPMM adaptér

Neutrik NA2MPMM Adapter (3 pole XLR male – RCA / phono plug)

Neutrik is the leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products like audio, video, fiber optic and industrial connectors and interconnect systems. Their audio range includes XLR connectors, plugs, jacks, speaker connectors, patch bays and fiber optic connection systems.

• Wired according to IEC 268-12: Pin 2: signal, Pin 1 and 3: connected to ground
• Versatile, pre-wired and ready to use adapters to reliably interlock various connector systems
• Professional look and compact space saving design, based on the X Series (XLR worldwide accepted standard)
• Rugged diecast shell for best reliability

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