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Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer


Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer



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Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer

Korg Minilogue XD

Korg wanted to deliver a next-generation analog synthesizer for a new generation of musicians new to analog synthesis. That dream was realized in the development of the minilogue, which instantly made the analog synthesizer approachable.

In addition to emphasizing the same real analog sound and joy of controlling an electronic musical instrument offered by the original minilogue, the minilogue xd newly adds a digital multi-engine, effects, a powered-up sequencer, and micro tuning functionality, further expanding the possibilities for sound design and performance potential.

minilogue xd is a fitting addition to the original groundbreaking minilogue.


• 4-Voice polyphony
• 37 Velocity-sensitive slim keys
• Two analogue VCOs and digital multi-engine oscillator (noise, FM, user wavetables) per voice
• 2-Pole filter with drive circuit
• 1x VCA, 1x LFO, 2 envelopes
• Oscillator sync and ring modulation
• 500 Sounds can be stored (200 presets + 300 user)
• Digital effects section with modulation effects, delay and reverb
• 4 Voice modes (Poly, Unison, Chord, Arp/Latch)
• Joystick for pitch bend and modulation
• Micro-tuning with 23 preset and 6 user
• Polyphonic 16 step sequencer with motion sequencer
• Display the waveform generated by the oscilloscope function in the OLED display
• 44 Controls for direct access to all parameters
• Control panel made of durable aluminium
• Real wood back panel
• Stereo line output: 2x 6.3 mm jack
• Headphone output: 6.3 mm stereo jack
• Sustain pedal connection: 6.3 mm jack
• Sync in/out: 3.5 mm jack mono
• 2x CV in: 3.5 mm jack
• MIDI in/out
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 500 x 300 x 85 mm
• Weight: 2.8 kg
• 9V DC power adapter included (KA350)

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