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CNB PAB 1672 puzdro na akordeón


CNB PAB 1672 puzdro na akordeón



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149551 / CNB-PAB-1672

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CNB PAB 1672 puzdro na akordeón

CNB PAB 1672 72-bass accordion bag

Extremely comfortable accordion bag. Thanks to a built-in wheels and an extendible handle you can travel with your instrument just like with a usual bag. No more carrying it on your back or in hand, now you can enjoy playing without exposing your back into danger. Additionally, the bag was equipped with many pockets so that you can fit all your gear there. Reliable and durable, get it now offered at an reasonable price.

• Accordion case
• Built-in wheels and handle
• Many pockets
• Color: black with red accent
• Closed with zip
• Easy to clean

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