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Alesis Elevate 3


Alesis Elevate 3



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146764 / ALES-ELEV-3

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Alesis Elevate 3

Alesis Elevate 3

Alesis studio monitors allow you to listen to Elevate 3 mixes and other multimedia content with impressive precision and a warm, full sound. Elevate 3 built in technology taken from the award-winning monitors Alesis Monitor One and M1 Active, are an ideal way for the expansion of a home studio. Elevate 3 bring out every detail of your sound. Wooden enclosures provide natural bass. You have the ability to increase the power and bass by connecting a subwoofer (optional). Packaged in sets of stereo, Elevate 3 gives everything you need in one box.

• Inputs: RCA
• Connections: 1/8 "
• Subwoofer Output: 1/8 "
• 3-inch woofer
• 1-inch speaker wyokotonowy
• Power, Peak: 60W
• Power, RMS: 20W
• Magnetic shielding: yes
• Frequency response: 80-20,000 Hz

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