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Ableton Live 9 Standard EDU počítačový program


Ableton Live 9 Standard EDU počítačový program



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Ableton Live 9 Standard EDU počítačový program

Ableton Live 9 Standard EDU

Create, produce, perform
Make a note of musical ideas, make changes on the fly and grasp all during operation. If you already are dealing with music software, you basically already know half of Ableton Live. View of the Arrangement in Ableton Live is a known workspace: timeline runs from left to right, and the paths are arranged one above the other. But Live also has a revolutionary view of the Session: unique sketchbook for improvisation, play, and live performance without limits. Freely and independently trigger or stop any number of audio and MIDI loops that will remain in sync. Almost everything in Live works in real time - add, replace or delete the order of modules, play using flexible crossover tracks mode, and much more. Everything without disrupting the flow of your inspiration.

Instruments and sounds you need to create music
Live Standard comes with a collection of instruments, samples, loops and drum kits which allows you to create music in any style. 3 instruments: Drum Rack, Simpler, Impulse. 14 Packs: over 1,100 sounds, including acoustic instruments, the latest technology combinations of samples, effects, and sound synthesis and drum kits, audio and MIDI loops.

Effects, processing and tuning
To get a correct (or "broken" if you desire) sound, Live offers a full range of effects from corective to creative. 30 included audio effects: Live 9 Standard has a wide range of audio effects processors with classic and unique tools. 7 included MIDI effects: modules for changes or restrictions, as well as MIDI notes random algorithms for creating endless variations.

Work with effects and instruments in a way that you want
Live provides easy and flexible method for the combination and integration of all modules. External Hardware: use your own hardware synthesizers and effects as if they were plug-through modules External Instrument and External Audio Effect.
VST and Audio Unit: Using VST or Audio Unit can take place in the immediate vicinity of the native modules Live. Create your own rack'i: rack'i allow you to combine different instruments and effects into a single module. Each of the eight macro controllers may be assigned to any number of parameters within the rack, allowing for the matched control. The Web: Ableton Shop with Packs allows you to view and download tools and presets.

Tools which understand the sound instead of just playing it
Live is able to convert audio from an audio file into a MIDI notes on the track. This allows the extraction of harmony, melody and rhythm of existing songs or your own recordings. This allows you to create melodies and rhythms using any instrument or your voice. Sampling has just became much more powerful.

The program, with which you can play
Live is even more powerful when it tangibly in control, and it enables various tools and drivers. MIDI Controllers Live works with any MIDI controller and contains presets for the most popular devices on the market. Multi-touch: control is possible using iOS or Android devices and external applications. Flexible MIDI control and mapping keys assign Galkom, sliders and buttons of the controller and even computer keyboard almost any function within Live.

Live is more than just software. It is the users who create, learn and share a common passion around the world. Ableton helps you connect to enthusiasts who made Live musical instrument and share their knowledge, ideas and inspiration to others. On the web you will find helpful tips and lively discussions on the forums ableton.com, as well as Twitter or Facebook. The studios, home studios, clubs and big arenas meet like-minded creative musicians forming in Ableton Live.

• Edit: Live Standard EDU, contains key features of Live and Accessories: 3 instruments (Drum Rack, Simpler, Impulse), 37 effects, 11 GB library (over 1100 sounds)
• Unique Session View for fast, intuitive composition, uninhibited performances
and improvisation
• Multi-track recording quality to 32 bit / 192kHz
• Non-destructive editing with unlimited "Undo"
powerful MIDI sequencer capabilities for software and hardware instruments
• Advanced Audio manipulation and time-stretch in real time
• Unlimited number of tracks of instruments, effects, audio and MIDI for the project (the only limits are set by the computing power of your PC)
• Grouping tracks
• Support for VST and Audio Unit
• Changes in the pattern of time (tempo and time signature)
• Multiple lines for automation
• Freezing tracks
• Automatic plug-in delay compensation
• Instant mapping function for external MIDI controllers
• Shipping for hardware MIDI synths and other equipment
• Clock and MIDI synchronization
• Support for ReWire protocol
• Support multi-core and multi-processor units
• Support for WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC
• The boxed version (BOX)

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