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Dunlop 462R Tortex III gitarové trsátko


Dunlop 462R Tortex III gitarové trsátko



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Dunlop 462R Tortex III gitarové trsátko

Dunlop 462B Tortex III
Dunlop is the world-renowned producer of over 50 different models of guitar picks. With picks available in a variety of textures, shapes, materials and artwork, the company offers something for everyone. Whether you're a multiplatinum artist or a small local band, whether you play them or just collect them, Dunlop is the best choice. Meet the Tortex III series – guitar picks that are as convenience as all Dunlop’s products, but even more durable and more abrasion-resistant. It is a natural evolution that was guided by the demands of players, and in Dunlop’s effort to create the most effective tools in the industry.

• Guitar pick (1 piece)
• Thickness: 0.73mm
• Color: yellow
• Manufactured in the USA

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