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Aroma AT 390B


Aroma AT 390B



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138356 / AROMA-AT390B

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Aroma AT 390B

Aroma AT390B
Aroma is a high-quality guitar accessories producer. AT-03B tuner enables guitar and bass tuning. The device works by pulling the vibrations from the head of the instrument. This solution allows for quick tuning in all conditions. Tuner is equipped with a highly accurate and easy-to-read display. Built-in metronome expands the possibilities of the device. Intuitive operation, small size and high-quality for the affordable price make the AT-390 B tuner an exellent choice for all the musicans.

• Chromatic guitar and bass tuner,
• Clip enabling attaching tuner to the neck
• Calibration: 430Hz - 450Hz
• Tuning Accuracy: + / -0.5 cent
• Dimensions: 34x64x60mm
• Weight: 46g

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